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Production Associate – 2nd Shift

Sterling Rope Company

POSITION SUMMARY:  Manages various processes involved in the manufacture of rope, including core twisting, backwinding, sheath twisting, winding, braiding, inspection, and final finish, depending on actual assigned work area(s).  2nd shift (3pm-11:30pm) positions are available!


  • Demonstrates working knowledge of machinery and tools being used, including emergency shut offs, restart procedures, basic maintenance and troubleshooting, identification of  crash causes, gearing, and basic setup procedures
  • Handles various processes involved in manufacture of rope as necessary, including core twisting, backwinding, sheath twisting, winding, braiding, inspection, and final finish
  • Understands and can apply working knowledge of all aspects of rope manufacture, including the difference between S and Z twists, bobbins, and colored tubes, and identification and correct handling of non-conforming product
  • Maintains clean and organized workspace, including ensuring accurate labeling and taking corrective as necessary
  • Understands all aspects of production process, including storage, organization, and labeling of all ropes (including assembled packages), lot numbers, cord patterns, and lay length
  • Manages and recycles waste product according to department protocols
  • Demonstrates safe working practices, including appropriate attire and safety gear, and brings any safety issues to the attention of management immediately
  • Maintains and updates appropriate levels of documentation, including log sheets, labeling and sorting product, and construction sheets
  • Operates efficiently and with as little waste as possible while still maintaining high standards for quality
  • Effectively communicates needs, problems, and ideas between departments, as well as within production department and shifts as appropriate
  • Communicates with Quality Control as necessary regarding control documents and any quality concerns of issues related to product or process, offering solutions as appropriate and assisting with resolution
  • Actively monitors product for issues and takes steps to troubleshoot if a problem is identified, stopping production and notifying supervisor if something doesn’t look or feel correct
  • Demonstrates an understanding of all Sterling Rope products, as well as the ability to identify most by sight
  • Coordinates with R&D to ensure test samples are handled appropriately when necessary
  • Maintain confidentiality.


  • Has a basic knowledge of each department within the plant
  • Ensure that work areas are kept clean in accordance with Sterling policy.
  • Recommend efficiencies or areas of improvement when relevant.
  • Other duties as assigned.


  • Ability to exercise good judgment and make sound decisions.
  • Strong attention to detail, commitment to quality, and organizational skills.
  • Respectful and positive attitude.
  • Basic verbal communication skills, as well as customer service skills.
  • Ability to manage multiple tasks and work with frequent interruptions and changing priorities.
  • Ability to plan workload efficiently.
  • Willingness to assist others when necessary.
  • Flexibility and desire to learn new skills.



  • Strength: Must have the ability to frequently move, lift, pull and push objects such as, boxes, supplies, tools up to 35 lbs. Must have the ability to occasionally move, lift, pull and push objects such as, boxes, supplies,  tools from 15 lbs. to 100 lbs.
  • Manual Dexterity: Must have the ability to frequently operate equipment listed below.
  • Coordination: Must be able to perform tasks requiring hand-eye coordination and steadiness of motion.
  • Mobility: Must be able to stand continuously and frequently stoop, walk, squat, kneel, twist, bend to floor, reach with hands/arms, and climb stairs.
  • Speech: Must be able to continuously, clearly, and precisely articulate and communicate when giving directions or interacting with staff.


  • Vision: Must be able to continuously distinguish colors and adjust focus.
  • Hearing: Must be able to frequently receive verbal instructions, communicate with others, and hear normal sounds and voice patterns with background noise.


  • Concentration: Must be able to continuously concentrate on fine details with frequent interruption.
  • Attention Span: Must be able to frequently attend to tasks for up to 60 minutes at a time.
  • Conceptualization: Must be able to frequently understand and relate to ideas, generally several at a time, and interpret a variety of instructions furnished in written or oral form.
    • Memory: Must be able to continuously remember multiple verbal and written tasks and assignments.
    • Emotional Stability: Must be able to continuously deal effectively with stress created by multiple tasks, noises, interruptions, and multiple priorities and work cooperatively as part of a team while maintaining a pleasant, professional demeanor.  Must also understand and respect the importance of ensuring production of entirely flawless, high quality life/safety products, as our customers lives depend on our products.


  • Noise level is usually high.
  • Frequent exposure potential safety hazards.


  • Various twisting machines including Roblon, Whirlwind, Twisttech, Volkmann, and Galan
  • Skein winder
  • Xorella
  • Leesona and SSM winders
  • Hanking and spooling machinery
  • Bobbins

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