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Dendroid Clothing

dendroid /ˈdɛndrɔɪd/

from Greek dendroeidēs, meaning treelike; branching like a tree; arborescent.


Established in 2015 by arborists who wanted to give Tree People a line of clothing that they could be proud to wear, Dendroid is the original lifestyle brand for tree workers. Trees are vital to our planet’s health and survival. We love trees, and we make clothing that celebrates those who care of them! 

Whether you’re an arborist, a recreational tree climber, or simply someone who loves nature, Dendroid has something for you. 

Dendroid offers a range of clothing created by arborists to help Tree People stand out from the crowd. We do everything we can to reduce the impact the clothing we make has on the environment. Dendroid clothing is made from organic cotton, uses water-based eco inks, and comes in recycled packaging.