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What began with a commitment to high quality products at fair prices continues through to this day on, featuring the same brands and styles you’ve come to rely on in their brick and mortar stores, available at your fingertips 24 hours a day.

Bishop Company supports healthy living in every aspect of the business.

Ralph E. Bishop founded Bishop Company in 1946, selling products to retail garden stores from the back end of a Plymouth station wagon.

In 1954, GE (Mac) McCormick – a customer of Bishop Company at the time – purchased Bishop Company from Ralph. The McCormick family remained in control of Bishop Company for three generations.

In the early ’70s, Bishop expanded its product offering to include arborist tools and equipment. Over the years, Bishop’s distribution of arborist tools grew, and – with the addition of landscaping tools – remains the product offering driving Bishop’s sales growth. Bishop’s customer mix is professionals who maintain trees and landscapes, including private arborist companies, landscape maintenance companies, golf courses. municipal entities and power equipment retailers.

Bishop reaches its customers with direct field sales personnel, a printed catalog and website sales. Bishop Company currently occupies a 12,000 sq. ft. building in Whittier California, housing it’s administrative, sales and warehouse teams.

In 2019, Sherrill, Inc. acquired Bishop Company.