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When tree care is done right, the whole planet benefits.​

TreeStuff are a team of people who love tree care and the people who do it. is an online retailer that connects with arborists on a personal level. The team at TreeStuff takes pride in engaging and supporting the arborist community through sponsorship, training courses, local parties, and Jambo, the world’s largest tree climbing competition. That involvement with the community, as well as world-class customer service, has helped to create a relationship with the consumer that is unmatched in the industry. Add in low prices and incredible shipping speeds and it’s clear to see why has become one of the world’s favorite arborist retailers.


TreeStuff started as a tiny online store with a focus on innovation and customer service, and a dedication to making the tree care industry better. Now, TreeStuff is one of the galaxy’s largest online retailers of professional arborist equipment, but they’ve kept the small-town heart that has made them who they are today through a focus on the customer and the community.