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Focused on providing the rescue community with the best possible gear for their work.

What began as the local climbing and outdoor gear shop, who occasionally would help the rangers from the nearby state park get some rescue gear, has evolved into something quite different over the years.

Rescue Direct has evolved to have a singular focus: providing the rescue community with the best possible gear for their work. Rescuers can be called to respond anywhere, at any time, from the tallest buildings to the deepest canyons and everywhere in between. When those rescuers receive those calls, not only does their gear need to be the least of their worries, they need to be confident, knowing they have the best tools for the job at hand.

That’s why Rescue Direct provides rescuers with the very best equipment there is, from manufacturers down the street and around the world. 

Rescue Direct is managed by industry veteran Matt Hunt, and distribution operates from the VSG headquarters in Greensboro, NC. Hunt, a 15-year veteran in the rescue equipment industry, has led the Fire, Rescue, Arborist, and Tactical sales division at Sterling Rope for the past five years. Matt currently serves on the SPRAT board of directors, and he has spent his Sterling career working to gain an extensive practical understanding of the diverse solutions that rescue professionals require to operate successfully and safely on the job every day.

Mark Connell, who founded the company in 1998, said, “Rescue Direct has succeeded through the years by offering excellent service to our customers and partnering with the best brands in the industry. From working with VSG over the past several months, I look forward to watching Matt and the team carry on that tradition and continue working to exceed customer expectations from afar.”