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Vertical Supply Group (VSG) Refreshes the Rope Logic Brand and Includes Scannable on New Products

Rope Logic, a VSG Brand, is proud to announce the refresh of the Rope Logic branding as well as the inclusion of Scannable on all products the brand produces. Rope Logic builds custom rope solutions for professional arborists, utility workers, and rope access technicians and offers a wide selection of rope from top manufacturers. This service provides expert spliced and sewn products customized to fit the needs of professionals who work at height.

Some of the solutions Rope Logic masterfully crafts are rigging slings, fliplines and work positioning lanyards, eye to eye prusiks and split tails, climbing and rigging line terminations, lifting and pulling kits and friction savers. With custom splicing locations in Greensboro, NC, Reno, NV as well as two shops in the U.K., Rope Logic can quickly get custom splices into the market at a global scale.

“This modern approach to the historic Rope Logic logo fits perfectly with our mission of bringing technology and craftsmanship together, enabling our customers to work safely and efficiently at height every day,” remarked Phil Shettig, VSG’s VP of Product and Marketing. The new branding for Rope Logic will be used on the brand’s website, product packaging, and product tags.

Each Rope Logic product features a unique serial number with a Scannable data matrix. After a user downloads the free app, they can scan this code and link all their equipment within the app. This will make it simple and easy to record when inspections were done and provide reporting for inspectors, safety officers, and others who require documentation.

“We are very excited to kick off our partnership with VSG by including our Scannable technology on all the new Rope Logic splices. Scannable lets the user track the lifecycle of gear, and gives you access to manufacturer data and compliance information at the tap of a phone. Our quick and convenient app keeps track of all important PPE info and updates at the press of a button,” remarked Rob Stirling, Scannable’s CEO and Co-Founder.

“At VSG, our number one priority is the safety of the users of our products. By incorporating Scannable into our products, we can help our customers keep track of their gear and notify the user when it’s time to replace or inspect,” added VSG CEO, Tripp Wyckoff.

The new logo and Scannable-enabled Rope Logic products will hit the market on August 1st, 2023.

About Rope Logic

As pioneers in their field with over 100 years of combined experience, Rope Logic takes pride in their unrivaled ability to create an extensive range of custom-built assemblies and flawlessly sewn and spliced terminations, exclusively designed for the needs of professional arborists, utility workers and rope access technicians. They have an extraordinary team of Rope Logic Splicers –true masters of their craft. Rope Logic is a Vertical Supply Group brand.

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About Vertical Supply Group

Vertical Supply Group (VSG) is a manufacturer and supplier of the world’s leading products that keep climbers, ‘industrial athletes,’ and technical rescue personnel safe and efficient while operating high above the ground. VSG’s leading brands & products set a standard of innovation and quality while providing world-class experiences for their retail, distribution, and web store customers. VSG’s offering consists of the most comprehensive assortment of products for arborists, climbers, emergency personnel, technical rescue, other work-at-height pros & enthusiasts.